If It Doesn’t Feel Good, DON’T DO IT!

If it doesn’t feel good, don’t do it. If it hurts, find an alternative. Seems like a simple enough concept right? Anyone who knows me personally will probably be shaking their heads at my being the one giving this advice, as I am probably the last to listen. Though I am not old by most peoples standards I have learned that my body is not quite as invincible as it was….or at least as I thought it was when I was younger. I’m the type of person that will push through something, no matter how uncomfortable because I have this idea in my mind that the only thing standing in my way is me. Not always the smartest or the most accurate idea.

Recently I’ve decided to start listening to my body when it tells me that I’m meeting or exceeding my limits, no matter how bad I want to complete whatever I am attempting at the time. I have always wanted to be a runner. There is no other athletic activity that I have aspired to be able to do well and enjoy it. Every year when spring rolls around, the sun begins to resurface, warming the air and igniting my desire to become an avid long distance runner. Like clockwork, not even a month in I will have rendered myself almost incapable of exercising due to joint pain and shin splints. I have had my gate measured, I have tried every tape, brace and bandage, but nothing works. I will not be able to run on the street, it’s something that unless I want to spend more time recovering than actually training, I won’t be able to accomplish.


If you feel uncomfortable or unsure, ASK! If it doesn’t feel good, DON’T DO IT!


Workout Schedule – October 16 – November 6, 2013

I was a little delayed getting this together but here’s what I’ll be doing for the next couple of weeks!



(4 sets of 8 – High weights – 1-2min rest)

  • 10min High Intensity Cardio Interval Warm up (Stairmaster)
  • Deadlift
  • Standing Shoulder Press
  • Cable Row
  • Incline Bench Press
  • Reverse Fly
  • Push-ups
  • 30min light cardio cool down (I like to do the HR program and set it at 60% of my max HR)



(4 set of 8 – High weights – 1-2min rest)

  • 10min High Intensity Cardio Interval Warm Up (Elliptical)
  • Barbell Squat
  • Stiff Legged Deadlift
  • Lunges w/ Eurogrip Weights
  • Hamstring Curl
  • Step Ups
  • Weighted Glute Bridge
  • 30min light cardio cool down



(3 sets of 15 reps – Light weight – max 30 second rest time)

  • SAME SCHEDULE AS DAY 1 – Drop weights by at least 30%



(3 sets of 15 reps – Light weight – max 30 second rest time)

  • SAME SCHEDULE AS DAY 2 – Drop weights by at least 20%



(3 sets of 12 reps – 30 second max rest times between sets)

  • 10min High Intensity Cardio Interval Warm up (Stairmaster)
  • Standing Dumbell Curl x Standing Cable Pull
  • Incline Bicep Curl x Tricep Dips
  • Overhead Extension x Hammer Curls
  • 30min light cardio cool down



(3 sets of 15 reps – Max 30 second rest times)

  • 15 min High Intensity Cardio Interval Warm up (Stairmaster)
  • Roman Chair
  • Planks (Front and Both Sides)
  • Russian Twists
  • 30 min High Intensity Cardio Intervals (Stairmaster or Elliptical)
  • 15 min Cool Down (Bike)

Allow Me To Introduce Myself

Ever since I was a child I’ve had an affinity for food. But let’s be real, who didn’t? Growing up in a French/Italian household I learned at a very young age that food is love and that people gathered around food. Food can comfort the nastiest of flus or saddest of heartbreaks. As I aged, my passion for culinary artistry expanded past the small world of Italian comfort food and found myself most happy with my hands wrist deep in dough creating my own concoctions. This love for food came with a small price for me, but opened my eyes to a multitude of eating related issues.

As a young girl/teen I was always hypersensitive about my body. Dieting from the age of 10 to help me lose that “baby fat”. By the age of 11 I had taken up a very unhealthy habit, I stopped eating. On weekdays I would go to school with little to no nutrients in my body and would continue on this “diet” until dinner. At that age I didn’t realize that slowing my metabolism actually made me retain fat and stored what little fuel I was allowing myself. I developed a propensity to faint from having low blood sugar all the time, 14 years later I am still realizing the affects of my choices.

Growing up I was made aware of dietary concerns such as allergies as my Dad is allergic to basically everything outside of meat and potatoes, but I had always assumed that things like that were genetic. A few years ago my Grandfather was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and shortly after had to get his leg amputated. It wasn’t until my Uncle was also diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol that I really had a revelation. Learning about this totally preventable disease opened my eyes to the damage I have been inflicting on my body and also made me more even aware of other dietary concerns.

In February 2013 after a very gluttonous holiday season and a few years of battling with my weight, yo-yo dieting and being generally unhappy with myself I decided it was time to make a change. I needed to figure out something that worked for me to get me to where I wanted to be, for myself. The only way this worked for me was to completely cut out the idea of “dieting” and quick fixes. I needed to start listening to my body and make it my new way of life.

Months later I am 30lbs lighter, happier and healthier than I have been since High School. Being in shape is great for me, but I’ve also learned how inspiring it can be for those around me as well. So here I am, to share my thoughts, trials and tribulations with you. My workouts of the month, food, health & beauty tips, DIY/Crafts and whatever else I discover along the way.

Enjoy the show!